cannot continue after resolving rebase conflict

Issue #2457 open
Marcin Wisnicki
created an issue

If a conflict happens during rebase (via post-pull), TortoiseHG displays usual conflict resolution dialog. Unfortunately, once conflicts are resolved and dialog closed, THG does not continue the rebase. Typing

hg rebase --continue

into Output Log resolves the problem.

Obviously, THG should continue the rebase automatically.

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  1. Steve Borho

    This is a known problem in that only the rebase dialog is aware of rebase state so if you do not use the dialog to start the rebase then the state is not monitored anywhere.

    I suppose the resolve dialog could be made to check the rebase state and offer to continue it, but it would still be clunky.

  2. grainednoise

    Well, having to drop down to the console from the GUI is clunky as well, given that there's no other way to do a rebase --continue at all from the GUI, at least not that I know of. Some of our less technically savvy users do have problems with that.

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