Overflow in DirState

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Tomasz Mikulski
created an issue


I have my repo on FTP, I downloaded it using default FileZilla settings and RMB on it, then select Hg Workbench, then I saw Worbench and exception occured. I have attached log for your convenience.

Repo was previously updated to tip revision.

I cannot use my repo now.

Can it be broken by FTP ASCII [not binary] file transfer?

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  1. Steve Borho

    it can definitely be broken by a bad ftp transfer. I recommend using one of the many free hosting sites in lieu of ftp.

    you should run 'hg verify' on the repository, it will tell you if the repository itself is damaged, or if it is just the working directory state. If the repository is ok, you can perform a local clone from it to get a fully functioning repository from it.

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