Can't paste a remote repository URL

Issue #2465 resolved
Arialdo Martini
created an issue

In order to clone a remote repository, the source URL can be pasted in the relative text box, no matter if it's a http, a https or whatever.

On the opposite, in order to add a new remote repository the user can't paste its url, since it has to split it into several parts:

the protocol: http, https, local or ssh the base address (the domain name) the port number the relative path

This is really annoying. For example, it's very uncommon that a remote repository url is given with the domain name separated by the path.

THG should allow the user to insert the url using a single textbox. The need for splitting the url into the 4 parts shouldn't be one of the user's burdens

I'm preparing a pull request for this. Could you be interested?


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  1. Steve Borho

    the quickest, and hardest to discover, way is to simply drag the URL onto the sync dialog.

    Another is to edit the repo hgrc file directly or through the settings tool

  2. Arialdo Martini reporter

    Nice to know! It works, and it will save my time in the future,

    Still I believe that having separate fields for protocol+domain+port+path is useless. For example, copying back the remote url is insanely hard.

    At least, I tried to guess what advantages it may lead, but I found none. It's only annoying, to me.

    Steve, thanks for the tip: I'm loving it

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