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Issue #2519 resolved

Please add sqlite3 to TortoiseHg Windows Python package so extensions may use it

Ed Morley
created an issue

bzexport (http://hg.mozilla.org/users/tmielczarek_mozilla.com/bzexport) uses the sqlite3 module, however this is unavailable on Windows, since py2exe is stripping out unused modules.

Please can we add it so extensions such as bzexport & the pushlog extension (https://hg.mozilla.org/hgcustom/pushlog/) can import it?

I'm guessing it would just need adding here: https://bitbucket.org/tortoisehg/thg/src/abaa83f982cb53971b0e63aef53d0d6dc891650a/win32/setup.cfg?at=default#cl-4

Thank you :-)

Comments (7)

  1. Ed Morley reporter

    Hi Steve - don't suppose you had a chance to see how much it added? I don't have a tortoisehg build env set up, so would take me a while to answer. Many thanks! :-)

  2. Tom Benda

    Adding sqlite3 to the THG py2exe executables would also greatly simplify the packaging process for one of the internal mercurial tools that we deploy to our teams alongside THG. +1

  3. Garen Parham

    sqlite is a single .c source file, and compiles down to a 400k-500k .dll (32-bit / 64-bit target). Compressed size is ~250k for .zip format.

    If THG included sqlite, we wouldn't have to build our own, or use the WinPython distro, which bundles THG.

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