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Issue #2533 open
Steve Hoelzer created an issue

It would be really nice to access the histedit extension from the Workbench GUI.

One way it could be done is by right clicking on a commit in Workbench and going to the "Modify History" submenu. Commands for the rebase and mq extensions show up there when enabled, and histedit does similar history modifying operations.

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  1. yaras

    I agree it would be nice if it was included in "Modify history" submenu, but for now you can add it as custom tool.

    In TortoiseHg Settings > Tools > New tool

    Command: hg histedit {REV}
    Show Output Log: True

    and add it to "Revision details context menu"

  2. anomen

    I tried to use this in Linux, but it didn't work well. I had to choose suitable GUI editor and redirect output to pop-up dialog, because there was nothing in thg console.

    So my command is:

    EDITOR=/usr/bin/leafpad hg histedit {REV} 2> /dev/stdout | xmessage -file -
  3. Peter Suter


    I also use a custom tool (TortoiseHg Settings > Tools > New tool) but just set Command: hg histedit, added to the "Workbench custom toolbar". This seems to work well on Windows.

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