Show "Patch Queue" panel instead of "Commit" panel by default on Working Directories under MQ control

Issue #254 wontfix
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When clicking onto the working directory line TortoiseHG currently automaticially switches to the "Commit" Panel.

But when there are MQ-patches I usually need to run "qnew", "qrefresh", "qgoto" or "qfinish". The standard "commit" command is not usable as long as there are MQ-patches.

My proposal is that if the repository is under MQ control tortoiseHG goes to the "Patch Queue" panel by default or at least to rememeber the panel that was activated, when the working directory was selected last time.

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  1. mrh1997 reporter

    Maybe it would be generally I nice idea NOT to switch back to the "Revision Details" panel when selecting a different revision but always keep the current panel during revision change?!?

    At least MY workflow is to go to a panel (depending on the task I want to do) and then go to a revision or jump between different revisions. Currently after every revision selection I have to reset the panel.

  2. mrh1997 reporter

    Hmm, I am still thinking that switching the bahaviour of Alt-Click and Click would be much more intuitive... I am still permanently accidentially switching the panel. Furthermore Keyboard shortcuts for the different panels would be very helpful...

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