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Issue #2551 resolved

post-pull: if nothing to rebase, then update

created an issue

If we have following in settings:

[tortoisehg] postpull = rebase

And if there is nothing to rebase, it could be interesting to do the 'update' by default.

Comments (5)

  1. Steve Borho

    the intent of postpull = rebase is to follow the behavior of hg pull --rebase

    in fact, all that this setting does is to add that flag to pull commands. If we did any more than that, we would trip up users who are accustomed to Mercurial's behavior.

  2. fchrist reporter

    Yes, I agree, but with mercurial you can run both : hg pull -u --rebase

    So it could be interesting to do the same with tortoiseHG ?

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