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Issue #2566 closed

Provide separate installers for different languages instead of bundling all languages

Anonymous created an issue

Other major open-source projects e.g. Mozilla Firefox provide separate installers based on language, e.g. an en-US installer, en-GB installer, etc. This makes the installer smaller, which would save user and Bitbucket bandwidth.

Please would you consider a similar approach for THG, as I'd much rather download a ~10MB installer with 1 language than a ~25MB installer with every language, the majority of which I don't use.

You could even leave the current (all languages) download as-is but add an additional link on the download page that would take users to another page that allows them to download THG for their language of choice.

Comments (6)

  1. Ian Kemp

    Sorry, wasn't very clear... when installing THG it has the feature "Translations", description "Mercurial and TortoiseHg translations" which will require 20MB (uncompressed) as per image: .

    This 20MB is by far the largest feature of the THG install, can that not be slimmed down?

  2. Steve Borho

    Someone requested them, though now that I think about it we probably only want them available from Launchpad so improvements make their way back to us.

    No problems if you remove those

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