Doesn't auto refresh when update and discard new branch

Issue #2572 resolved
Steve Spencer
created an issue
  1. Create a new branch and commit

  2. Rollback/undo. Working dir is left with new branch.

  3. Update to previous revision (on default) with discard. Working Directory still shows new branch in the Branch column.

  4. Hit F5. Working Directory updates to correctly show default.

Should refresh after 3.

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  1. Yuya Nishihara

    repoagent: unify workingBranchChanged with repositoryChanged (fixes #2572)

    Because of this change, the following models and widgets will notice the change of the working branch. Some of them are not necessary, but they won't hurt:

    • BackoutDialog, MergeDialog and stand-alone RevDetailsDialog should notice the change of the working branch
    • BookmarkDialog, ResolveDialog, ShelveDialog and TagDialog will refresh data unnecessarily
    • stand-alone CommitDialog will update "undo" button state unnecessarily
    • PatchQueueModel and MQPatchesWidget will be modified later to listen only to MQ changes
    • RepoTreeModel (reporegistry) will update first-revision node unnecessarily
    • RepoWidget should recreate HgRepoListModel (issue #2572)
    • Workbench will trigger subrepo scan unnecessarily

    → <<cset d6f093791abc>>

    It will be included in TortoiseHg 3.2.

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