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Workbench Filter is excluding Working Directory line

Steve Spencer
created an issue

In workbench, I use this revset query to help me focus on relevant branches. This means I don't accidentally do the wrong merge:

branch("default") or branch("Feature/SexUpTheUI")

This excludes other feature branches and stable/release branches, ensuring the only merges I do are from default (dev) to my feature (to keep up to date), from feature to default (to integrate), or two-headed merges.

However I can't routinely use this because it filters out the working directory. I tried this to include the working directory but it didn't work:

branch("default") or branch("Feature/SexUpTheUI") or .

Either an option, or auto-including the working directory if its parent(s) are included by the filter, would help a developer to focus only on the "world" they are currently working in.

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  1. Yuya Nishihara

    This is because the revset filter deeply depends on Mercurial core, and Mercurial cannot handle the fake working directory revision by revset.

    FYI, "." means the working directory parent. There's no special symbol for the working directory itself.

  2. Matt Lachman

    I have the same use case as Steve. I want to cut out the noise of the many feature branches we have and only operate within the scope of a couple branches (my current feature and default). If I can't see the working directory, this is impossible to do because I can't ever commit changes while a revset filter is active.

    Could a checkbox be added next to the revset query to also show the working directory? A preference somewhere else? I would think adding in the working directory after receiving the output from the underlying hg command would be possible somehow.

  3. Incubant

    +1 Same issue in my case, we have some heavy filters for our branch-merge strategy and most of the time the working directory is needed beside. For my case it would be better to show the working directory always than never in filter view. So a check for always show wirking directory would help.

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