hg archive "only files modified/created in this revision" seems to give an incomplete export of affected files.

Issue #2595 resolved
Jens Glathe
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I've had this a few times, but looks a little inconsequential to me. When I merge a changeset into a repository (both have the same branch), and i export only the affected files, those from the pulled branch wchich are only updated ("<--" arrow in the files list) are left out. This complicates the workflow a bit for me, as I usually need all files changed by the revision.

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Jens Glathe

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  1. Yuya Nishihara

    The archive dialog uses ctx.files(), so it only includes files actually merged, i.e. changed in both parents.

    To include files changed between the target rev and its 1st parent, probably we can use -I 'set:not clean()'.

  2. Jens Glathe reporter

    Hi Yuya,

    just checked it with thg 2.10.1... working as expected, thanks :). However, when you need to copy the command because you need some extra options, including the set command instead of the whole file list seems to be more comfortable.

    hg archive --repository "D:\my\repo\world_domination" -r tip -t files -I 'set:not clean()' -- "D:\work\work"

    with best regards


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