"Apply Format" broken since 2.8

Issue #2597 resolved
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In the past I used Ctrl-E in the commit window to apply the formating. This does no longer work. The context menu command "Apply Format" also has no effect.

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  1. Angel Ezquerra

    There have been some changes to the way the "Apply Format" feature works on 2.8. The main change is that the Apply Format function is "Markdown compatible". In particular it will now consider that a line that ends with a period marks the end of a paragraph. It will also consider that a line beginning with any of the markdown list markers (i.e. "-", "+" or "*") marks the beginning of a paragraph.

    That being said, there is a small bug in which Apply Format will do nothing when a paragraph spans a single line.

    Also, please note that Ctrl+E is not (and never was) the same as using the "Apply Format" context menu. Ctrl+E runs Apply Format on the paragraph where the cursor is, not on the whole text.

  2. Steve Borho

    messageentry: fix Apply Format when paragraph has a single line (closes #2597)

    We were not formatting any single line paragraphs, when only the first (subject) paragraph should not be formatted.

    If the first (subject) paragraph has a single line it is not formatted to ensure that commit subjects have a single line by default. The user can still force the formatting of the first line by manually making the first paragraph span more than one line, in which case we apply the format to that first paragraph as well.

    → <<cset 34799d49e42d>>

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