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Issue #2601 open

Workbench: confusing sync toolbar buttons

Anonymous created an issue

If one selects the second path listed in that part of the workbench (the first is defaults to a local repo, the second is in a file server for e.g.) an the pushes the icons to see/to get the changes or the icons to see/to push the changes into the selected repository (the second one) then automatically the first repository is selected and used. That makes the correct use of the feature impossible.

TortoiseHg Version is 2.8

Comments (13)

  1. Yuya Nishihara

    Since 2.8, the toolbar button honors the toolbar's selection.

    So you'll need to

    • select push/pull target from toolbar's combobox and press toolbar button (red area)
    • or select from sync widget's listbox and press sync widget's button (blue area)
  2. xiscu

    A) In the red area: The tip says „Pull incoming changes from selected URL“ In the blue area: The listbox columns are Alias and URL

    B) Isn’t the functionality unnecessary doubled? Same icons but unconnected functionality (from the point view of A).

  3. Yuya Nishihara

    A) In the red area: The tip says...

    Oops, tooltips should be updated, but not yet.

    B) Isn’t the functionality unnecessary doubled?

    True, but it needs much more hard work to unify them. So we'll need to discuss temporary workaround.

  4. Warren Postma

    I find this very very confusing. Moving up from Tortoise HG 2.5 to 2.8, I was completely surprised by this and believed very strongly it was a bug in Tortoise HG. That it was an intentional design decision is even more shocking to me. Whoever made these user interface changes should have removed all sources of confusion. If a listbox no longer permits me to select a source and sync using that listbox, then that listbox should be removed. Or a button should be beside it that has locality of reference to that listbox. The toolbar sync button had previous behaviour which has been broken by these later gratuitous UI changes.

  5. Peter Suter


    • Add the repository alias and the target revision (if checked) to the outgoing infobar message "X outgoing changesets [to Y repository] [for target revision/branch/bookmark Z]".
    • If the "Target" checkbox in the sync widget is checked, also show the target revision dropdown in the toolbar (after the repository dropdown).
    • Always keep the toolbar dropdowns and the sync widget selection / dropdown identical. When one is changed the other should also be changed immediately.
  6. Deanna Earley

    The last one makes sense to me, but bear in mind that the sync widget will allow selection/entry of repositories that won't exist in the predefined list in the toolbar, so an "other" option may need to be added temporarily.

  7. Yuya Nishihara

    I think better solution will be to deduplicate functions of the sync toolbar and the widget, move target selection somewhere more accessible, and change the sync widget to modal dialog that only configures paths and options.

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