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Issue #2623 on hold

Crash during clone of SVN repo from codeplex site

Anonymous created an issue


I would like to report a (persistent) crash while trying to clone this SVN repo


I have this persistent if I try to pull any history. for example with Start Revision 102000 by using the GUI and the command:

hg clone --startrev 102000 --verbose -- svn+https://epiinfo.svn.codeplex.com/svn/Epi%20Info%207 C:\EpiInfo Source Code

I use version 2.8 64 Bit, Windows 7, latest hgsubversion as cloned the repo (not static download)

It starts to download the revisions and at some point of time it gives error. I do not use login for the Codeplex site, code is public.

I have tried to start with revision 102050 - result is the same, though crash appears at loading different file.

Please try to load the code and see if you confirm the crash.

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