Proposal: Fine tune tabs in workbench

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Anonymous created an issue

I love workbench - its absolutely great, so why not make it even better. Right now a double-click on the list of repos on the left is required to open multiple repo tabs. Then one can switch between tabs with a single click. Some functionality is duplicated. (list on the left requires a double click, while tab-list requires a single-click).

The proposal:

Get rid of horizontal tabs bar, to save space. Handle single-click on the repo list on the left to switch between repos.

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  1. Adrian Buehlmann
    • changed status to open

    An interesting idea.

    Problems I see though:

    • Currently, you can have multiple tabs open for the same repo (use "open" from the context menu in the repo registry)
    • The repo registry can be hidden
    • In the future, we might add different kinds of tabs
  2. Anonymous

    Yes. These problems need to be considered, before any design changes to the GUI. Regarding the first problem, I do not see any functional reason to open the same repo in 2 tabs.

    Maybe a smaller change first then. Just handle a single-click event and open a tab (the same as a double click event now). Right now everything in the workbench including tabs need a single-click. The only exception is the "Repository registry". I frequently single click a repo just to find out, that it was only selected (selection has no attached functionality AFAIK, other than highlighting the repo). On the other hand someone might attempt a double-click on the tabs because of this inconsistency in the design.

    Anyway I hope that this proposal will be at least considered, because it is an easy change to implement and improves consistency of the interface.

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