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Issue #30 resolved

Scrolbar jumps when clicking on item

Lorenzo M. Catucci
created an issue

I think the screen capture shows enough: if I click on the log cell in the commit list, or on the filename cell in the status list, the lists scroll in an attempt to show the whole column.

the capture was done on thg "version 1.1.5+62-f34644e1a2da with Mercurial-1.7+34-e80128e40c04, Python-2.6.6, PyQt-4.8.1, Qt-4.7.0"

I just downloaded as tortoisehg-unstable-1.1.55062.5034-x86-f2c88c61-dbb4-4c83-9959-74527f2525d4.msi

Comments (4)

  1. Steve Borho

    status: don't move horizontal scrollbar by selection change (fixes #30)

    According to gui/itemviews/qtreeview.cpp, scrollTo() moves the vertical/horizontal position to make the selected item visible.

    Because we can ignore the horizontal (column) selection here, this patch wraps scrollTo() not to move the horizontal scrollbar.


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