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default push/pull targets

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The tooltips on the Sync toolbar buttons for Hg Workbench imply that there are separate default push and default pull target repositories. However, I can't find any way to set up different default repositories for push and pull. Is this just a case of misleading labels in the tooltips, or are there now two distinct defaults for push and pull operations? If there are two defaults it should mention this when assign the aliases to repositories and in the manual. If there aren't the toolbar labels should be changed not to imply that there are.

If there is still only one default repository, it would be very useful if you could add a feature to allow two defaults - when using a model with a shared workgroup repository and local incoming & working repositories I always pull incoming->working and then push working->workgroup.

Ideally, we shouldn't be forced to use the alias "default" or any other fixed alias names, but br allowed to use meaningful aliases for all synchronisation URLs and then select which one is used for default pull and which is used for default push.

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  1. Steve Borho

    The tooltips are misleading. The functionality was changed late and the tooltips were not updated. The workbench toolbar buttons now do the exact same things as the sync toolbar buttons, initiate an operation on the currently selected URL.

    As of today, the only alias that is treated specially is 'default', and this is the URL that is selected when the sync tool is first opened.

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