Paste Filename Feature outputs file names in unusable format

Issue #3230 resolved
Steven Marks
created an issue

When you use the feature it outputs files like so:

/<directory to file1>/file1, /<directory to file2>/file2, /<directory to file3>/file3, /<directory to file4>/file4

A better format would be returns instead of comma separated variables. So at least then I can write my comments easier.

/<directory to file1>/file1

/<directory to file2>/file2

/<directory to file3>/file3

/<directory to file4>/file4

Ignore the spaces, couldn't get to format it exactly the way I wanted it.

This is just an easy of usability fix and I have used other version controls that do the later way.

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  1. Angel Ezquerra

    I'm not sure I understand your problem. If you select several files on the file list on the revision details or the commit widgets, and select "Copy paths" they are copied as a list of files, separated by new lines.

    This is on 2.8.2, but I believe this has not been changed in a long time, if ever.

  2. Steven Marks reporter

    Thank for looking at the problem. I upgraded to 2.8.1 (couldn't find 2.8.2 anywhere). The problem still there.

    From the code snipbit that Yuya posted it looks like they use comma separated name files.

    This is the "problem" I have, when you use "Paste Filenames" feature (in the drop down menu when you right click in the comment message area) it will use comma separated file names instead of newline separated.

    If it was newlines it would make it so easier for me to make my comments for each file instead of removing the commas and putting each filename on a newline.

    I hope this clears things up. If you have anymore questions, please ask.

  3. Angel Ezquerra

    messageentry: make "Paste Filenames" separate filenames with EOL (fixes #3230)

    Currently "Paste Filenames" command on the message entry context menu inserts a list of files separated by commas, which is less arguably less useful than separating them with EOL (which makes it easy to make file lists). In addition, using comma as the file separator can conflict with filenames that include commas.

    → <<cset b1cba817cbb2>>

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