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Issue #3251 open

Chunk commit not available during Amend

Tom Hartland
created an issue

When in the Commit screen and "Amend current revision" mode, it is not possible to select individual chunks (as you can when in normal "Commit changes" mode).

This means if individual chunks were selected on the original commit, it is not possible to select the same chunks when amending.

Using THG 2.8.1

Not really sure whether this is by design or it is a bug... so will set as enhancement.

Comments (3)

  1. Steve Borho

    It's a known issue.. the mercurial folks keep hinting that they're going to rework the amend command and I've been waiting for them to do that before I try to add partial commit support to it. The only workaround is to turn the tip commit into an MQ patch and then use the shelve tool to move changes around.

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