push after commit used to be a handy check box

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Ewen Wallace
created an issue

With TortoiseHg 1.xx there was a handy "Push after commit" checkbox to select & then ctrl-enter to kick it all off.

In V2, I haven't tried it but am I mean to tick the box and/or type "True" in the Options pop-up? Instructions at 5.7.7 are little hazy.

Could you please re-streamline it?

V2 is a great update, btw.

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  1. Anonymous

    This does not work for me. V1 did this fine and V2 simply fails.

    I want to be able to specify that THg should push after commit for every repository and I want to be able to say this once and not in each repo individually.

    Here's my most recent fail log:

    % hg commit --repository C:\Development\Internal\HTMLPrinter --verbose --user cja --message=init C:\Development\Internal\HTMLPrinter\HPDoc.dfm C:\Development\Internal\HTMLPrinter\HPDoc.pas C:\Development\Internal\HTMLPrinter\HPSubs.pas C:\Development\Internal\HTMLPrinter\HTMLPrinter.cfg C:\Development\Internal\HTMLPrinter\HTMLPrinter.dof C:\Development\Internal\HTMLPrinter\HTMLPrinter.dpr
    committed changeset 1:8123903337c4
    [command completed successfully Fri Jun 03 10:42:29 2011]
    % hg push --repository C:\Development\Internal\HTMLPrinter default-push
    pushing to default-push
    repository default-push not found
    [command returned code 255 Fri Jun 03 10:42:29 2011]

    Here is mercurial.ini

    # Generated by tortoisehg-config
    username = cja
    from = chris@obfuscated.co.uk
    issue.regex = \?(\w+) (\d+)
    issue.link = http://obfuscated1.obfuscated2.local/intranet/cja/search/redir.php?q={1}={2}
    fullpath = True
    pushafterci = True
    cipushafter = default-push

    Here is the repo settings file

    # Generated by HGRepos 
    default = http://mars:8000/Internal.HTMLPrinter/ 

    Please help, this is really annoying me. (And THg is ace in most other ways! I would pay for it.)

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