Patch queue doesn't get updated after qfold

Issue #3274 duplicate
Marc Schlaich
created an issue

If I make a qfold to fold some patches TortoiseHg is not able to refresh the Patch Queue.

The patches in the repository graph are getting updated, but Patch Queue needs a restart.

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  1. Marc Schlaich reporter

    This was default on c822f88, Windows 7, local drive.

    Monitor changes is "always".

    I couldn't reproduce the problem in a simple case.

    Me, too. But I have seen this issue with qselect, too. But it seems to happen only occasionally...

  2. Marc Schlaich reporter

    Oh, it seems like this is related when using the Windows Explorer context menu integration (from version 2.8.x) to add a repository to the dev version of thg. Would that be a possible explanation? :)

    Nevertheless, I try to reproduce with the latest dev build from thg-winbuild.

  3. Marc Schlaich reporter

    Still reproducible with tortoisehg-dev-2.8.2167.3134-x64-3175e8945dad.msi

    This time it was an unrecognized qpush (with the same behavior as described above, graph does get updated, Patch Queue not).

  4. Marc Schlaich reporter

    Ok, there are other issues with missing updates of the GUI. E.g. setting or deleting bookmarks needs a manual refresh of the repo to show them correctly in the repository graph. This might be related to the current issue.

  5. Yuya Nishihara

    I know bookmark has problem, but I guess it's because bookmark doesn't change the revision log.

    Probably this issue means, when the repository is unlocked, the revision log is updated correctly, but .hg/patches/series isn't. Strange...

  6. Marc Schlaich reporter

    I have seen other partial refresh issues (which can be resolved by a manual refresh):

    • rename is shown as added / removed (missing the line xxx was renamed from)
    • warning in diff view "cannot show diff from xxx@..." after history editing commands (histedit, commit --amend)
  7. Yuya Nishihara

    Even operations within thg are sometimes not updated,

    Probably it is a bug of QFileSystemWatcher on Windows. I'll address #3298 in next stable release.

    BTW, does your original problem happen only on 2.9? If so, the root cause is the same as #3298.

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