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Issue #3304 resolved

Changing branch name or options for MQ patch resets description

Charles Lechasseur
created an issue

Using TortoiseHg 2.9 / Windows 7 x64.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Workbench
  2. Right-click on changeset, Modify History -> Import to MQ
  3. In the Task toolbar, switch to the Commit view
  4. Modify the patch's description somewhat
  5. Click on Options, then click OK (no need to change anything)

This will revert the patch's description to its previous version, undoing your changes. This also occurs if you change the branch name via the Branch button.

Here, I can reproduce this every time. Once you know about the issue, it's easy to work around it, but it could lead to loss of description if you're unaware of it.

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