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Having an issue with cloning/pulling of a repository on one specific PC. We have a "central" repository with which we do a pull/push dance for every commit, a week ago on one PC the pull command started throwing revlog decompress error, -3, incorrect data check.

We then proceeded to clone the central repo to the affected PC from "scratch" with no success.Run hg verify on central repo and repo is ok, run hg verify on PC repo and repo is corrupt. We have 10 other PC working with the same central repo and it's all good for them.

I have read most of the reports with this error that I could find and it always came down to "repo corrupted" sync with known good source. We have a known good source (hg verify confirms it) and it still wont clone.

We would presume that if our central repo is corrupted then all of our repos would be affected and hg verify would throw a fit on the central repo, but it does not. The error comes up only on one specific PC.

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  1. Yuya Nishihara

    If the corruption occurs at random point, try

    • check filesystem, by CHKDSK, etc.
    • disable virus scanner
    • check memory, by memtest86, etc.
    • replace harddisk
    • reinstall Windows ...
  2. luka_ferlez reporter

    That's the thing here, it does not occur at a random point, it's consistent change log 173, with this files, several clones/pulls done with the same result on that change log, so the cosmic rays/disk error/windows error explanation does not compute.

    None the less will try what you have mentioned, chkdsk, AV and memtest.

  3. Yuya Nishihara

    it's consistent change log 173, with this files,

    If the repository contains non-ascii filename, make sure the all PCs use the same Windows codepage. hg debuginstall will show the current character encoding.

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