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Issue #3319 open

Per-line chunk selection

Anonymous created an issue

I would really appreciate the ability to select individual lines, rather than "chunks" when partially committing a file.

In the file I'm about to commit, I've got two logically separate features (one of which is incomplete), but which are side-by-side in the source code and I can't separate them within the chunk selector. (I should have checked in the code before starting the second feature, but I forgot.)

If I could have a line-by-line chunk selection mechanism, that would be very handy.

Comments (9)

  1. Steve Borho

    I posted a design and rough plan for how to accomplish this to the development email list in December or January, but since then I've had no time to go back and work on it. I don't believe it is exceptionally difficult. I just have no spare cycles for it now.

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