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Tom Hartland
created an issue

Would it be possible to have a screen that allows you to check the synchronization status of all the registered repos (or even just those within a particular Group)?

I guess the normal practise of using Mercurial is to always pull before working, and push after committing... but I'm in charge of approximately 50 repos, and it would be nice to have the facility to check them all in one go, rather than individually.

Maybe a screen that listed all the repos being checked (and whether they have sync settings), the ability to check for either pushes / pulls / both - then after clicking a "start" button showing the progress of the checks, and the number of pushes / pulls on the repo.

It would probably also be useful to then be able to go straight to the individual repos that had push/pulls outstanding, or maybe the ability to do them all there and then.

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  1. Tom Hartland reporter

    Thanks Steve.

    That's a pity - would have been quite a useful feature.

    Once I have that magical desert island and the chance to do what I want to do for a few months, I'll try writing it myself </dream>

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