Block "undo" if last revision pushed

Issue #3340 open
Tom Hartland
created an issue

Can I suggest that the "undo" feature is disabled if the last revision has been pushed?

I've been in the position several times where I have (completely self-induced) been a complete idiot by doing the following actions...

  • Commit a change
  • Push change to remote server
  • Some time later notice something, so "undo" the last change
  • Recommit the change
  • Push change to remote server to be reminded that I'm an idiot, and that this is going to cause two branch heads.

Blocking the "undo" would (hopefully) stop me being such a complete idiot - at least where this is concerned.

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  1. Angel Ezquerra

    I disagree. We had a long discussion about this on the mercurial mailing list. Until there is a proper "uncommit" command in core mercurial hg commit --amend is not a full replacement for hg rollback, not to mention that undoing a merge commit with hg --amend is not possible yet, I think.

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