Blackbox extension not working when using hg from within TortoiseHg

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I enabled the blackbox extension ( using the TortoiseHg File, Settings, global settings dialog.

Now when I interact with the repository using TortoiseHg the blackbox.log file within the .hg directory of that repository is not created / written to. When working on the same repository using the command line and the hg.exe (from the TortoiseHg installation directory) the blackbox.log file is created and the commands are logged in that file.

I tested this on Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit, see below). For the 32bit tests I used a clean virtual machine where no other SVC / hg etc. tools were installed. TortoiseHg 2.9 (64 bit) with Mercurial 2.7 TortoiseHg 2.9 (32 bit) with Mercurial 2.7 TortoiseHg 2.8.2 (32 bit) with Mercurial 2.6.3 Nightly Build tortoisehg-stable-

When enabling a build in extension (e.g. blackbox) this extension should work when using the command line AND when using TortoiseHg.

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  1. Yuya Nishihara

    cmdcore: add worker to run command in separate command-server process

    Currently it can run repository commands with no user interaction.

    Known issues:

    • ui.interactive is off for now (will be implemented soon)
    • progress won't be cleared on abort due to lack of final pos=None messages
    • command-server process isn't shut down cleanly when repository closed
    • command-server won't reload settings (need to restart on configChanged)
    • "hg clone" will fail if cwd has no repository
    • "ui.error" label isn't available
    • MQ status may corrupt if changed by another process because command-server does not invalidate (fixed by hg e3d1df48fcc6)

    CmdThread will eventually be superseded by CmdServer:

    • TortoiseHg 3.0 will provide the experimental command-server client, which can be enabled by thg --config tortoisehg.cmdworker=server
    • 3.1 will use "server" by default
    • 3.2 will remove CmdThread completely

    refs #1507, #1661, #2071, #2614, #3343, #3370, #3637

    → <<cset d02cfaed8676>>

  2. Yuya Nishihara

    cmdcore: enable command-server client by default in 3.1

    As I said in d02cfaed8676, CmdThread will be removed in 3.2.

    refs #1507 - "Stop button for pull hangs" should be fixed on Unix, but not on Windows due to the limitation of winsock.

    refs #3381 - "Locked folders/files on Windows" is partially solved since Mercurial commands are run in separate chdir-ed process.

    closes #484, #1661, #2071, #2614, #3343, #3370, #3637, #3670

    → <<cset 38985e4f9bd0>>

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