Workbench UI getting unresponsive on certain operations

Issue #3370 closed
Zoltán Lehóczky
created an issue

Might be related to/duplicate of #532.

During some operations (noticed push and commit particularly) the UI gets unresponsive for a bit (a few seconds). Concrete example: commit changes to a bigger repository (but not something colossal: ~1000 revisions, 200MB size). While the commit runs clicking anywhere in the Workbench is not doing anything for a few seconds.

Hardware is not an issue.

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  1. Zoltán Lehóczky reporter

    Indeed it takes a few seconds. However I think the GUI becomes responsive before the commit is fully finished, i.e. I can click away before the new commit appears in the graph.

  2. Yuya Nishihara

    cmdcore: add worker to run command in separate command-server process

    Currently it can run repository commands with no user interaction.

    Known issues:

    • ui.interactive is off for now (will be implemented soon)
    • progress won't be cleared on abort due to lack of final pos=None messages
    • command-server process isn't shut down cleanly when repository closed
    • command-server won't reload settings (need to restart on configChanged)
    • "hg clone" will fail if cwd has no repository
    • "ui.error" label isn't available
    • MQ status may corrupt if changed by another process because command-server does not invalidate (fixed by hg e3d1df48fcc6)

    CmdThread will eventually be superseded by CmdServer:

    • TortoiseHg 3.0 will provide the experimental command-server client, which can be enabled by thg --config tortoisehg.cmdworker=server
    • 3.1 will use "server" by default
    • 3.2 will remove CmdThread completely

    refs #1507, #1661, #2071, #2614, #3343, #3370, #3637

    → <<cset d02cfaed8676>>

  3. Yuya Nishihara

    cmdcore: enable command-server client by default in 3.1

    As I said in d02cfaed8676, CmdThread will be removed in 3.2.

    refs #1507 - "Stop button for pull hangs" should be fixed on Unix, but not on Windows due to the limitation of winsock.

    refs #3381 - "Locked folders/files on Windows" is partially solved since Mercurial commands are run in separate chdir-ed process.

    closes #484, #1661, #2071, #2614, #3343, #3370, #3637, #3670

    → <<cset 38985e4f9bd0>>

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