shellext: Windows freeze at login when network drives are unreachable

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Hi guys,

I'm experiencing the exact same problem as mentioned here :

"I think I found the problem. The PC I am using is a work laptop I just got and I realized hat IT placed my home directory on a network drive. Tortoise places its configuration information information on the home drive, which is then unreachable when the PC is not connected on the network. So when I boot the PC, log in and open a Windows Explorer sesion, TortoiseHg must be trying o read its config files which are nreachale, causing the massive slowdown in the Explorer. As soon as I get back to work Ill change my home drive to be positionned in a local disk to solve the problem."

In this case, Windows is freezing (nothing on the screen) during 10 minutes after login, laptop is unusable. All users of this laptop are facing the issue, even if they don't own Mercurial repositories on their network drives (even if they don't use Mercurial at all).

Is there any way to make TortoiseHg less dependent of network drives? Maybe overriding a path option?

TortoiseHG is 2.9.1, Windows XP

Any help appreciated, cheers

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  1. leriton reporter

    I sure can, but isn't "Shell Extension" that provides contextual menu integration and so?

    My point is more about configuration over loss of functionalities (but if nothing better shows up, I'll go for your proposal).

  2. leriton reporter

    I'm sure that should also do the trick, but I was thinking of something more 'out-of-the-box'.

    Just take this report as a request for enhancement or feature request.

    Edit : but still this could be considered as a bug, since THG behavior remains buggy -at least in my case- when network drives are offline.

  3. leriton reporter

    I tried your last recommandation (removing TOS from startup registery) and Windows still freeze at startup when there's no network connection.

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