Commit: lock problem - No such file or directory

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I created a new repository 2 weeks ago.
Today I wanted to commit some files, but got an error message.
Also after the update from TortoiseHG 2.7 to 2.7.2 the error happens.
My system is Windows XP, 32bit and the file system NTFS.
A screenshot is attached.

I'm not shure, if it's realy a bug, but it could be.
So I wanted to post it to the forum, but I didn't find a forum 
on the TortoiseHG website.
If this is no bug, just cancel my entry.

If you have further questions, just send me a message.

By the way - there is a confusing text in the wiki:
Traceback text

The bug report dialog has a Copy button that copies the bug text 
to the clipboard. Simply paste the report into the entry form. 

There is no copy button in the error message window.
Additionally I didn't find a "bug report" entry in the menu of the workbench.

The report form is totally confusing and annoying. 
When I push preview button, the line breaks are gone (so I added dots), 
strange bold markup and much more. 
I can't write just some plain text. Damn. 
Good luck: As you can see I found a trick

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  1. Beauty reporter

    Yes, it's local and NTFS. I checked it on yesterday and today again. Also after restarting Windows there still comes up this error.

    By the way: In the past I could work fine with TortoiseHG on the same computer (using other repositories).

  2. Yuya Nishihara

    The error message says Mercurial tried to create I:\LANGZEITVERSUCH - Messdaten\.hg\wlock and/or ..\.hg\store\lock, but couldn't because of "No such file or directory".

    Try to create fresh clone of that repository in case there is a strange filesystem problem.

  3. Beauty reporter

    The repository was no clone, it was empty (after creating it some weeks ago). Now I deleted the .hg directory and created a new repository again. Result: The problem is gone and the same files could checked be in. There was no other change in the directory structure.

    If you want to have a look to the files of the deleted .hg directory, I can restore it from the recycle bin and upload it. Just tell me.

  4. Beauty reporter

    I restored the ".hg" directory from the wastebin (a few days later). It doesn't contain ".store". Only these files:

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