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Issue #3431 duplicate

Improve titles of 3-way merge when using BeyondCompare

created an issue

Right now TortoiseHg launches BeyondCompare with the following arguments:

/lefttitle=parent1 /centertitle=base /righttitle=parent2

Please rename the left and right titles to something more meaningful such as theirs@revNumber and mine@revNumber.

Comments (3)

  1. Ian Kemp

    As a long-time user of BC I heartily support this suggestion. Will see if I can find some time this weekend to fork the THG repo and make this change.

  2. Yuya Nishihara

    Maybe this needs to be implemented in Mercurial.

    Unlike hgext/extdiff.py or our visdiff.py, mercurial/filemerge.py seems not to provide $plabel1, $plabel2 and $clabel.

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