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Searchable repository registry

Wojciech Adamczyk
created an issue

I have something like 400 repositories in my registry and I think the following improvement would be a huge, huge timesaver - not only for me. What I'm talking about is adding two regex searchboxes on top of the repository registry: - one for limiting visible groups - one for limiting visible repositories

If anybody doesn't know what I'm talking about and how should it work, please check out the newest HeidiSQL and its database+table filters, this is what my idea emerged from:

heidisql search boxes

Similarly, in thg, the left box could be used to limit groups being shown to the ones matching the entered regexp, and the right box - to limit repositories in the same way.

I think it would be a killer feature. I lose much of my time everyday expanding/collapsing groups, searching through repositories whose names are very similar and hard to differentiate between (Symfony2 bundles for my application, each one beginning with the product name and ending with "Bundle").

What do you think?

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