`commit --amend` shows wrong message after qpop

Issue #3467 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

Version of TortoiseHg is 2.10.

Example repository::

>hg log --style compact
2[2.diff,qbase,qtip,tip]   be4fbe1d51ae   2013-11-13 12:07 +0900   iwata

1[qparent]   d7eafa3228c3   2013-11-13 12:07 +0900   iwata

0   bc4f054d64b5   2013-11-13 12:07 +0900   iwata

To reproduce::

  1. qpop r2 by selecting Modify History -> Unapply Patch
  2. Select commit task tab, and turn to amend mode.

After that, "third" is shown as commit message, not "second"

This behavior is fixed by restarting workbench. (Refresh is not enough)

Comments (1)

  1. Yuya Nishihara

    commit: make sure to clear last amend message on repository change (fixes #3467)

    refresh() can switch the commit action and save the last message. But, the
    saved 'amend' message must be cleared if refresh() is called in the middle of
    repositoryChanged handler.

    → <<cset 86446536c7f8>>

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