UI enhancement to Guessing Renames.

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When working with a repository with a very large file set and a folder rename (re-branding) the "Detect copies/renames UI is not very user friendly.

Recommended improvements

  1. Indicate to the user that "Find Renames" should be clicked first.
  2. When you have a large list of files (aka 4,000+) the process is slow and doesn't take advantage of all CPU resources. Looks like one core goes to 100% and any others stay at 5% doing other things. The process can take 1+hour to complete when the repo include binary file comparison.
  3. Large lists of file renames take time to review, so the "Accept Selected Matches" button should be enable ASAP, not when the "Find Renames" process has been completed.

UI files to review

I'm not a PY expert, but I believe the code that applies to this UI enhancement can be found at.

See thg / tortoisehg / hgqt / guess.py matchbtn

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