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For new users it seems quite difficult to figure out what the different "label" colors mean (green=branch head?, orange=active bookmark, yellow=inactive bookmark, different(?) yellow=tag, ...are there more?)

Are these documented anywhere?

Could maybe a tooltip be added?

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  1. Peter Suter

    In tortoisehg/hgqt/ HgRepoListModel.getlog() these are created with various "qtlib effects". The defaults are defined in tortoisehg/hgqt/

    _thgstyles = {
       # Styles defined by TortoiseHg
       'log.branch': 'black #aaffaa_background',
       'log.patch': 'black #aaddff_background',
       'log.unapplied_patch': 'black #dddddd_background',
       'log.tag': 'black #ffffaa_background',
       'log.bookmark': 'blue #ffffaa_background',
       'log.curbookmark': 'black #ffdd77_background',
       'log.modified': 'black #ffddaa_background',
       'log.added': 'black #aaffaa_background',
       'log.removed': 'black #ffcccc_background',
       'status.deleted': 'red bold',
       'ui.error': 'red bold #ffcccc_background',
       'ui.warning': 'black bold #ffffaa_background',
       'control': 'black bold #dddddd_background',

    Only the first six (branch, patch, unapplied_patch, tag, bookmark, curbookmark) are used for such labels in in the "Description" column:

    • Branch: black text on green background
    • Patch: black text on blue background
    • Unapplied Patch: black text on gray background
    • Tag: black text on yellow background
    • Bookmark: blue(!) text on same(!) yellow background
    • Active Bookmark: black text on orange background

    The next three (modified, added, removed) are used in the "Changes" column (disabled by default).

    (The rest are used elsewhere entirely.)

    These styles can be overriden by extensions or config files(?)

  2. Peter Suter

    For example this seems to change inactive bookmarks to gray text on orange background:

    log.bookmark=gray #ffdd77_background

    (Although I don't see this documented anywhere.)

    Would adding a tooltip be difficult?

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