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Issue #3566 new

easily change commit message

created an issue

i always find myself clicking on a log message in the description column of the log view to change it but the diff view opens up. would it be possible to open a little window to let you change the message, and, if the phase is public, set the phase to draft again?

Comments (5)

  1. Angel Ezquerra

    IMHO out did not make much sense to be able to change a public changeset and make it draft. The whole redeem for mercurial's phases is to make it easy to keep track of which revisions have been shared and avoid mistakes such as changing a public revision.

  2. ThurnerRupert reporter

    it depends a little how you made it public. i often have a local clone for some feature, and bringing a commit from one to the other makes it public - but i agree it might be misuse by me :)

  3. Angel Ezquerra

    If you rant to avoid that, do not push your revisions from your source repo to your target repo. Instead do it the other way around. Go to your target repo and pull from your source repo. Pulling does not change the phase in the remote repo.

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