"Rename" repository in TortoiseHg Workbench

Issue #367 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

In a new TortoiseHg Workbench it seems that the names of repositories are names of directories where the repositories are located. It would be great if users could “//rename//” the repositories, as it is possible to do with groups. (Not to rename the physical directory, but rather a virtual label in the Workbench.)

It is useful in case you have several projects, each with a single repository, that are located in directories which in addition to repository may contain other files:
In this case you see in Workbench: {{{repo}}}, {{{repo}}}, {{{repo}}}, …

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  1. Anonymous

    Great! Thx.

    What about to provide "rename" for newbies in the context menu, which would set or change the the web.name?

  2. Anonymous

    I'd like to see the Rename context menu too - it is non-intuitive that the web name affects this. In my case I had a repository in the root of a mapped network drive, so it had no name in the registry by default.

  3. jmiguelhdez

    I also think it is kind of undocumented feature. Well, at least it is difficult to find. I found out because i was searching for a bug before opening one myself.

    It is great that i don't have to wait for an update though :) Thank you

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