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Issue #3791 resolved

Web Server dialog doesn't show resolved server name anymore

jan verley
created an issue

We use Tortoise HG inside the company LAN.

In TortoiseHg version 3.0.1

the Web Server dialog doesn't contain the resolved host name anymore:
The Log tab only contains

% hg serve --port 8000 --debug -R "C:\projects\WpfApplication1"

In TortoiseHg version 2.6.2

The Log tab contains

% hg serve --port 8000 --debug -R C:\projects\WpfApplication1
listening at http://XXXXXXXXXXX:8000/ (bound to *:8000)

XXXXXXXX being the resolved name of the machine within our LAN.

This http url was nice because you could send it to a colleague.

The dialog still contains the hyper link at the top, but that just always states:

"Status: Running at http://localhost:8000"

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