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Issue #3796 invalid

Allow commit to different branch

Ulf Zibis
created an issue

I have: src/path/file in branch A (with recent changes) test/path/file in branch B (more older version)

I tried (with help of NetBeans IDE, so the real commands may be little different): hg branch A hg rename src/path/file test/path/file hg merge B From here I want to commit the result to branch B. I tried hg update B which resulted as error :-(

So I'm asking for an enhancement like: hg commit --destination B

Additionally I want to track test/path/file as sucessor of src/path/file in one commit after the merge. With "hg status -C" I discovered, that the source information from the before rename was lost after the merge. Even a later "hg copy -A src/path/file test/path/file" was rejected by error message.

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