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Issue #3822 open

cannot graft to a newly created named branch

Afriza Noor Arief
created an issue

a workflow described in http://draketo.de/light/english/mercurial/complete-branching-strategy#graft-releases

You have changes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 on default. First you want to create a release which contains 1 and 4, but not 2, 3 or 5.

hg update 1
hg branch stable
hg graft 4


  • update to 1 via GUI
  • create stable branch from option in commit widget or hg branch <new-branch>
  • graft 4 via GUI


  • created a new branch named stable containing grafted 4 with 1 as parent


  • branch creation is detected as changes that needs to be discarded
  • once discarded, 4 is grafted into default branch with 1 as parent

Comments (7)

  1. Yuya Nishihara

    Currently TortoiseHg has no GUI to switch named branch without committing.

    In your case, "create stable branch from option in commit widget" is not the dialog to switch the working branch immediately. Instead, you'll need to commit the creation of new branch from GUI or run hg branch <new-branch> from command line.

  2. Afriza Noor Arief reporter

    actually I also tried to run hg branch <new-branch> from command line and then doing graft from GUI.. the graft GUI pop-up detects the change of branch as a change that needs to be either committed (even without any file change) or discarded before proceeding with the graft.

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