Default commit message for post-merge commits

Issue #385 resolved
Mo Cassidy
created an issue

Currently, the default message is "Merge ". Perhaps it would be more useful if it was "Merge " + OtherBranchName (if different).

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  1. Graham Helliwell

    I've seen the new message confuse people. It should be clearer that this is an operation only on the current branch that involves changesets from another branch. I think the English message should be more like "Merge {sourcebranch} into {currentbranch}".

  2. Mo Cassidy reporter

    I noticed that when I first started using this fix (thanks Steve), but wasn't too concerned about it. I reckoned it wasn't worth any further development, or indeed additional encumbering of the user experience by being TOO verbose. However if you're experiencing users' confusion over it, then it probably is worthwhile after all :)

  3. Tikitu de Jager

    I always edit this to "Merge from XXX" (changesets are coming from XXX, which might not be visible, but ending up on the current branch, which is generally visible whenever you can see the commit message so you don't need to state it explicitly).

  4. mcattle

    Like Tikitu, I also manually edit the message to read "Merge from XXX", but I think Graham's suggestion of "Merge {sourcebranch} into {currentbranch}" is precise enough to avoid any confusion.

  5. Koen Tanghe

    I would like to re-open this issue. Can I do that? The current message causes confusion in our team as well. The suggested "Merge {sourcebranch} into {currentbranch}" is much clearer.

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