MQ GUI doesn't deal with file removal well

Issue #389 open
Daniel Atallah
created an issue

The conflict handling for content conflicts when applying a patch is very nice overall, but I've noticed that it doesn't handle the situation where the a file in the patch has been removed in the repo.

The patch is marked as "applied" without any visual prompt of problems (the output log does show a message, but it isn't necessarily obvious that it hasn't worked without carefully looking at the output). There also doesn't appear to be an easy way to deal with the situation.

Ideally this situation would be handled in the same way as merging changes into a removed file in real changesets is handled (with the below dialog): {{{

TortoiseHg Prompt

local changed file2.txt which remote deleted use (c)hanged version or (d)elete?

&Changed &Delete


I've attached a test repository that exhibits the problem.