abort: cannot rebase onto an applied mq patch

Issue #392 closed
Johan Samyn
created an issue

I'm working from source (tip = f2d685147ea1 (stable)). The repo I'm trying to pull into is at branch default, with an mq patch applied. I have "pull --rebase" configured for that repo. Which until now worked very nicely btw. When I pull in 3 csets for the stable branch, I get the abort message above. Is it normal that the rebase fails in this situation ? Why is the rebase disturbed by the applied mq patch on the other branch ?

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  1. Johan Samyn reporter

    I moved on with that repo without making a copy after the problem. And I can't reproduce it. Sorry. Can't imagine what there could have been 'outgoing' neither. I'll come back here should I re-experience it. Thanks anyway.

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