Hide Shelve command in Confirm Update for dirty subrepo

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With fixed problem #393 (works fine, thanks) there is a new small glitch. In case when main repository is committed and only subrepo is dirty, should be the Shelve command hidden (until will be supported for subrepos: #154 - Shelve is not aware of dirty subrepos).

Please see attached screenshots for current state.

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  1. Steve Borho
    • changed status to open

    Yeah, quite the dilemma. I haven't decided how to represent subrepository files in the shelve tool, or even if they should be represented at all. It's somewhat dangerous because MQ and Mercurial's patching routines will flat refuse to apply changes inside another repository, even if it is a subrepo. So shelving subrepo changes into a shelf file would only confuse people if they moved those chunks to an MQ patch. And preventing such movements would be complicated.

    What will likely happen is the shelve tool will grow a way to either switch to the various sub-repositories or it will be able to launch separate shelve tools for them.

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