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It is regularly my first action after opening Workbench window. I click on Working Directory in listview with changesets. The main reason is probably that I always need to see what's changed against tip changeset (the state when nothing is changed is also important for me).

Currently Workbench is opened with focus on tip changeset, so I see what changes it contains, but to say true, I cannot remember when I needed this information last time.

Maybe just consider adding some option for focusing Working Directory instead of tip when opening Workbench. I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks!

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  1. Steve Borho
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    This would certainly have to be opt-in feature because opening the commit tool is an expensive operation in large repositories, and we want the opening of repositories to be fast.

  2. Steve Borho

    settings, repowidget: add settings to select default widget and initial revision (closes #399)

    Issue #399 proposes being able to let tortoisehg to select the working directory when opening a repository.

    This patch adds two new settings that not only allow configuring tortoisehg as requested on issue #399, but also allow the user to select his preferred widget, which can be any of the tortoisehg widgets (revision details, commit, manifest, sync or search). This preferred widget is the one that will be selected by default when opening a repository.

    In addition, this patch adds a setting to select which revision should be selected by default when opening a repository. It is possible to select the current (i.e. the working directory parent) revision, the tip of the repository or the working directory revision.

    These two settings can be combined in interesting ways. For example it is possible to make the commit widget the default while selecting the current revision by default. It is also possible to make the working directory the default and make the commit widget the default.

    Note that when the working directory and the revision details widget are selected by default, the commit widget will be selected instead.


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