mercurial_keyring always asks for user/password

Issue #4401 closed
Eddy Gasparotto
created an issue

version 3.6.2 always asks for user/password (using mercurial_keyring plugin) and a console message is shown:

comparing with http://user@xxxxx.yyyyy.zzzzz "username not specified in hgrc (or in url). Password will not be saved."

User is specified in url and version 3.6.1 works as expected.

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  1. Justinas Urbanavicius

    the old behaviour where the username was read form the url does not work. to make the keyring work again you have to downgrade to v3.6.1 or add [auth] section to your hgrc and specify username and prefix, for example:

    default = http://my-url-to.repo
    default.username = gamesh
    default.prefix = http://my-url-to.repo
  2. Diego Bonfil Traver

    Maybe not an extension bug. Has something changed in how the find_user_password of passwordmgr is called? the authuri that arrives at mercurial_keyring extension has already the user/password part stripped... so it cannot get the user from the URL.

    I have also notified the extension author, just in case I am wrong with my guess.

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