Shelve tool doesn't work with eol extension

Issue #442 resolved
Colin Caughie
created an issue

This is similar to issue 276, but happens specifically when you are using the eol extension to translate line endings. While 276 was apparently fixed in 2.0.1, this one is still a problem (and is actually worse because the only known workaround no longer works) in 2.0.2.

In my case we have a repository with LF line endings but use native line endings in the work area. I.e. the .hgeol file looks like this:

{{{ [patterns] ** = native

[repository] native = LF }}}

In this case unshelve (using thg) //always// fails. Adding "eol=auto" to mercurial.ini makes no difference in 2.0.2, although I'm pretty sure this fixed it in 2.0. (It shouldn't make a difference of course, since the eol extension automatically sets patch.eol=auto when it is loaded).

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