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Issue #4432 open

Support pushurl

André Klitzing
created an issue

Mercurial 3.7 uses a new style for [paths] entries. This should be supported, too.


       default = https://example.com/my_path
       default-push = https://example.com/my_path


       default = https://example.com/my_path
       default:pushurl = ssh://example.com/my_path


       Assigns symbolic names and behavior to repositories.

       Options are symbolic names defining the URL or directory that is the location of the repository. Example:

       my_server = https://example.com/my_repo
       local_path = /home/me/repo

       These symbolic names can be used from the command line. To pull from my_server: hg pull my_server. To push to local_path: hg push local_path.

       Options containing colons (:) denote sub-options that can influence behavior for that specific path. Example:

       my_server = https://example.com/my_path
       my_server:pushurl = ssh://example.com/my_path

       The following sub-options can be defined:


              The URL to use for push operations. If not defined, the location defined by the path's main entry is used.

       The following special named paths exist:


              The URL or directory to use when no source or remote is specified.

              hg clone will automatically define this path to the location the repository was cloned from.


              (deprecated) The URL or directory for the default hg push location.  default:pushurl should be used instead.

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