(Win10) Access Denied Error when deleting repository watched in Workbench

Issue #4490 open
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Steps to reproduce:

  • clone arbitrary project and open it in workbench (will happen automatically when using the hg context menu to clone the project)
  • with Windows Explorer try to permanently delete (SHIFT + DEL) the cloned repository and confirm Windows dialog
  • in the workbench, the revison list empties, the graph turns black, and the traceback is displayed

Reproduced in both 3.7.x and 3.8.1.

** Mercurial version (3.8.1).  TortoiseHg version (3.8.1)
** Command: --nofork clone
** CWD: C:\Entwicklung\Arbeitsverzeichnisse\projekte
** Encoding: cp1252
** Extensions loaded: strip, mq, rebase, purge, schemes
** Python version: 2.7.9 (default, Dec 10 2014, 12:28:03) [MSC v.1500 64 bit (AMD64)]
** Windows version: sys.getwindowsversion(major=6, minor=2, build=9200, platform=2, service_pack='')
** Processor architecture: x64
** Qt-4.8.6 PyQt-4.11.3 QScintilla-2.8.4
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "tortoisehg\hgqt\thgrepo.pyo", line 467, in _onRepositoryChanged
  File "tortoisehg\hgqt\thgrepo.pyo", line 867, in thginvalidate
  File "mercurial\localrepo.pyo", line 1268, in invalidate
  File "mercurial\localrepo.pyo", line 1232, in invalidatecaches
  File "mercurial\localrepo.pyo", line 1236, in invalidatevolatilesets
  File "mercurial\obsolete.pyo", line 1116, in clearobscaches
  File "mercurial\localrepo.pyo", line 70, in __get__
  File "mercurial\scmutil.pyo", line 1195, in __get__
  File "mercurial\localrepo.pyo", line 487, in obsstore
  File "mercurial\obsolete.pyo", line 546, in __nonzero__
  File "mercurial\scmutil.pyo", line 415, in stat
WindowsError: [Error 5] Zugriff verweigert: 'C:\\Entwicklung\\Arbeitsverzeichnisse\\projekte\\sample_project\\.hg/store\\obsstore'
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "tortoisehg\hgqt\status.pyo", line 396, in reloadComplete
  File "mercurial\context.pyo", line 240, in parents
  File "mercurial\util.pyo", line 737, in __get__
  File "mercurial\context.pyo", line 1402, in _parents
  File "mercurial\dirstate.pyo", line 324, in parents
  File "mercurial\localrepo.pyo", line 516, in _dirstatevalidate
  File "mercurial\localrepo.pyo", line 70, in __get__
  File "mercurial\scmutil.pyo", line 1195, in __get__
  File "mercurial\localrepo.pyo", line 495, in changelog
  File "mercurial\changelog.pyo", line 259, in __init__
  File "mercurial\revlog.pyo", line 270, in __init__
  File "mercurial\store.pyo", line 466, in __call__
  File "mercurial\scmutil.pyo", line 565, in __call__
  File "mercurial\windows.pyo", line 126, in posixfile
IOError: [Errno 13] C:\Entwicklung\Arbeitsverzeichnisse\projekte\sample_project\.hg/store\00changelog.i: Zugriff verweigert

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