Mercurial keyring is not available in TortoiseHg on macOS

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For me it's always a quest how to update to a newer TortoiseHg because I need it to work with mercurial keyring extension.

It happens that TortoiseHg doesn't work with mercurial keyring (and related things) installed with normal easy_install or pip, i.e. system ones. For me it only works if I copy,, and full keyring folder (keyring python module) to Note, it doesn't work if I copy egg files for these modules. Another important thing is that version of mercurial keyring and depended modules must match version of TortoiseHg, that is arbitrary version of mercurial keyring won't work with arbitrary TortoiseHg.

Probably others have similar problem, so it would be good to package proper version of mercurial keyring to TortoiseHg installation.

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  1. Arthur Blake

    When I installed a fresh copy of thg on Mac OSX the mercurial keyring was not showing up in the options dialog. I had to install the dependencies manually. This is not what I was expecting because under Windows all the dependencies are there by default. I had to go dig up the dependencies (I forgot the details on that, but I think it was a brew or pip install of the keyring base software) and after I installed those and restarted thg, it was showing up properly.

  2. Matt Harbison

    I don’t ever use the options dialog, so IDK how that works. But I manually added ‘mercurial_keyring =‘ in an extensions stanza, and it works without any pip or brew magic. I’m really surprised that pip or brew would work, since the *.app uses its own private copy of python.

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